Incentive - Where is the limit?









Pride of belonging, experience design, Pride of belonging, internal communication, adventure, incentive

The Briefing

A Spanish agency asked us to organise a reward activity for the 100 best sellers at global level of an automotive company.

Adrenaline experiences

As base camp we chose a winery in the Penedés where we organised different activities, Bungee Jumping, wind tunnels, human ejection, buggies, paintball, quad bikes, etc.

The Concept 'Where is the limit'

The objective of the company was to pass on to their employees the idea that they should not limit themselves even after achieving their annual objectives. Therefore, we worked under the idea of ¨Where is the limit¨ and we put together a selection of activities on land, sea and air that surprised the participants and left them with unforgettable memories.

Chic BBQ Party Relax

The event finished with a fun BBQ where the participants enjoyed a pleasant end to the party in a relaxed atmosphere

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