Media Markt


Themed Christmas dinner




Poble Espanyol Marquee - Barcelona

Experience design, Internal communication, Dinner parties, Kick-off

The Briefing

Media Markt set a challenge for us; they wanted a Christmas dinner that was different and original, an event intended for all workers in the company. The aim was for all workers to enjoy an unforgettable experience that would help them to motivate, build loyalty, incentivise, communicate, boost team spirit and strengthen the brand’s values. A motivational event that made all participants feel at home and engaged with the event and the brand, while strengthening the social and emotional ties between the participants and the company.

Media Markt wanted to surprise and reward all the participants, creating an incredible event they could enjoy with the rest of their co-workers on a memorable night. We at World Experience came up with an American circus theme, where the participants would feel as if they were part of a Cirque du Soleil show. To this end, we suggested one of the best venues for this—the Poble Espanyol Marquee—to the delight of the participants throughout the gala dinner.

The Experience

There were stilt walkers, magicians, unicycle riders, cartoonists, fakirs, jugglers and many other artists intermingled with the audience to interact with them and introduce them to the spectacular world of the vintage circus! This went on while different shows such as the spectacular Aerial Ring Show, Contortion Show, Cyr Wheel Show and Aerial Silk Show took place on the 360-degree central stage, taking the audience's breath away. There was also a show featuring LED oddballs personalised with the brand logo, as well as an incredible Bubble Show.

This all came with carefully crafted décor where everything was planned down to the very last detail to create a genuine vintage circus atmosphere, as well as chill-out areas, auxiliary tables, decorated counters, centerpieces, media wall, cloakroom tickets, napkins and countless other materials personalised for the event. As with the gala dinner, all the food was themed for the occasion, such as caramelised apples for dessert, candied almonds, fresh popcorn served in cones, and cotton candy, which a celebration like this just couldn’t go without!

The finale…

The finale of Media Markt's large gala dinner was dancing to hits played by our wonderful DJ Pablo, along with an open bar and a late-night snack against a circus setting.A magical night!

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