Reckitt Benckiser


Oscars gala dinner




Masia Can Pagès - Barcelona

Experience design, Internal communication, Dinner parties, Kick-off

The Briefing

Reckitt Benckiser contacted us to organise their annual Christmas dinner. This year, they wanted to end 2019 in a unique way. It is customary for Reckitt employees to get together every Christmas to celebrate the holiday, but this year's festivities were particularly magical.

An event intended for all workers in the company. We aimed to provide them with an unforgettable experience and to help us facilitate, create, communicate, strengthen and develop opportunities for growth through an event that made all participants feel at home and engage them in the day's entertainment while strengthening the social and emotional ties between the participants and the brand.To this end, we suggested one of the best venues in the requested area, Masia Can Pagès, with its neo-Gothic style and separate areas designated for the banquet and subsequent celebration. It definitely turned out to be a winner!

The Experience

Before dinner, we organised an original team-building activity, where each participant played an important role in an ambitious project: shooting the new advert for the chosen brand. For this, all participants became directors, actors and technical crew—each with an essential role for the day. As with any film, teamwork was crucial to deliver the best results.After the activity, each team handed over the iPads and roadbooks that the participants had to complete back to the organisers, who edited the videos while the participants had dinner.

The participants enjoyed a gala dinner with distinctive Christmas touches. After dinner, we held the Oscars gala, where 3 teams won the Oscar for best original screenplay, best production design and best cinematography. The winning teams went up to the stage to collect their personalised Oscar award with red carpet and all.

And to conclude

We ended the Oscars gala with a surprise concert, where the participants danced the night away to hits from the 80s played live, followed by an exquisite late-night snack. In addition, there was also an open bar, a personalised media wall and props for the participants to get a souvenir of this magnificent day.

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