Masterchef Challenge








Barcelona Beach

Motivation, loyalty, pride of belonging, experience design, teambuilding, internal communication

The Briefing

Let's build a team! A local agency asked us to design and produce a fun and competitive experience for the management team of a multinational company of the food and drinks sector, within the framework of their annual convention in Barcelona.

Work As A Team, Compete & Have Fun!

With the objectives of working as a team, generating competitive spirit among the participants and having a great time, we organized an amusing team building experience: our master chef workshop in a unique venue! To surprise the participants, we chose a venue in a privilege location offering exceptional views over the coast of Barcelona. The group arrived on a Turkish Goleta and disembarked right in a terrace of our venue, where the chefs welcomed them.

64 people, 8 teams

Divided into small groups, we built 8 teams that, under the direct supervision of our chefs, had to do their best to cook Mediterranean tapas aiming to surprise the jury and win the desired master chef trophy. Only one team can be the winner!

Cocktails, chill out music and more

After appointing the winning team, participants tasted diverse tapas elaborated by their coworkers while savoring fantastic cocktails prepared right on the spot by our barman. The night ended with a magnificent dinner based on Mediterranean dishes, followed by a fun closing party in the terrace, where the assistants could enjoy the best night views of Barcelona. A great time for all!

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