Barcelona biggest sailing event after Olympics'92









Pride of belonging, internal communication, teambuilding, training, convention

The Briefing

One of the biggest sea events ever done in the city of Barcelona. 13 teams faced each other to compete for the first position for the Regata race! 13 Regata Boats for the competition, with 10 people en each one, and their supporters, the big boats! Placed in the surroundings of the regata area. Big Boats with 85 people in each one that were encouraging their team during all the competition.

Party on the Boats

The activity was scheduled on September, and during the navigation, before, during and after the Race, the 13 supporter boats were provided with entertainment, drinks and catering on board.

The Flashmob training

During the navigation, the supporters had to practice a dancing and singing performance. The guests learned a song and performed a dance specially created for that event. The aim of the activity was to make all the people be together in a flash mob that was performed on the port.

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