Annual Marketing and Sales Convention




Annual Marketing and Sales Convention





Internal communication, experiential marketing and communication, product launch

The Briefing

Henkel set a great challenge for us: they didn’t want a run-of-the-mill convention, they wanted an original convention for their entire marketing and sales team, which would be forever remembered by everyone! Inspired by music, we set the event in the 1980s, which conveyed all of the brand’s messages. This served as the guiding theme for the entire convention, which featured dances, music and exciting team-building activities.

There were never-ending surprises! We wanted each moment to be different. This is why we surprised the participants during breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner with wow moments. We took them off site where another surprise awaited them, leaving them all gobsmacked: an original, creative, ground-breaking lunch, where there was a play area with games from the 1980s and food served by vintage food trucks.

Team building with LEGO!

The participants took part in this innovative team-building activity. We issued the participants a challenge: to build a circuit (like for a roller coaster) by sections using LEGO bricks, where a personalised 1980s van would run. The roller coaster was made up of different sections that were interconnected. Each group designed a section separately. To meet the challenge, a chain reaction of different vans was required. In addition, other items were activated so that the van could get to the concert hall.

During this workshop, intended for Henkel’s marketing and sales teams, all participants were encouraged to get their creative juices to build as they wished. • The sum of all showed how everyone at Henkel can “shape one future together”. • The team-building activity specially designed for Henkel was fun and entertaining with great visual impact. • We held a short, reflexive and participatory briefing to draw out the lessons learned by the group. • The workshop was facilitated by LEGO® Education Academy certified trainers.

The purest style of the 80's

To end the day we made a party in the purest style of the 80's

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